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The Magic of Using Math Tasks

When teachers have used math tasks in their classrooms that have these features, they report “magic” happening with their students. Even the most reluctant learners engage powerfully in math tasks increasing their access to performing well in class when they otherwise might not. When you find a task that works for you, please support our community by sharing your story. If you have a task that has inspired your students, please share and contribute.

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“A group-worthy task provides opportunities for students to access the instruction and the information required to engage in the task, facilitate equal-status participation, and allows students to demonstrate the multiple intellectual abilities and the different academic and social skills they use to complete the task successfully.” (Cohen & Lotan, 2014)



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Mathematical Tasks are time-tested and adhere to guidelines to ensure alignment with research. There are two major ways to join this community of math educators and learners. Contribute articles and teacher content knowledge or help grow this community by registering as a subscriber. More tasks and articles arriving all the time!


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