Stain Glass Task

Background Information

This task is very powerful and requires students to strategize to calculate the viability of making a stain glass window given the cost constraint. Students are provided with little guidance on how to approach this problem but are given lots of information about the problem and the constraints of the task. Teachers should be prepared to support students appropriately using group roles when using this task as it may be simple for select students to “take over” use group roles and various strategies to keep all students within the group responsible for a part of the task and ensure all can explain what is happening on their partner’s paper.

Stain Glass Task (online)

Download: Stain Glass Task

Download: A Possible Solution

Task Level:

This task provides a lot of information for students to sift through, while there is an outcome, there are many ways to approach this task. We believe this is a level 4 task, especially when group roles are being used since it requires relational thinking between context, geometry, and constraints without the suggestion of a procedure. Some teachers may choose to help students connect the negative space pre-activity to make connections to another activity. This would arguably decrease the cognitive demand since it suggests a procedure for calculating the area. Ultimately, students will be required to invent a procedure to solve this problem and appropriately answer the question.

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