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Tasks can be epic wins in a classroom, or disasters waiting to happen. Teacher knowledge is what makes the difference.

We have two major categories of teacher knowledge:

  1. Theory to Action Articles – This is practice in action, how do we implement the findings of the great research that is out there so it is useful for teachers. These articles and guides are meant to support teachers learning to implement tasks.
  2. Experiences – We know that you want to share what worked and celebrate that, also, sharing supports someone else so they don’t make similar mistakes. Consider contributing by sharing an experience of using tasks in your classroom…the good, the bad, the ugly or the great!

Finally, we recognize that many evaluators and administrators are unfamiliar with the use of tasks in math classrooms. This area may support you for how to help your evaluator or administrator understand why this benefits ALL students. The Center for Educational Leadership at the University of Washington has devised the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning and created a coaching rubric (commonly known as CEL 5D). Using tasks in classes increases the behaviors of teachers and students to achieve high academic growth and distinguished teaching practices. Learning to teach using Mathematical Tasks, will support improved outcomes for students through this evaluation tool.

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